Jay Chou and Hannah Quilivan’s NT$23 million wedding in England!

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Watch Jay Chou and Hannah Quilivan’s wedding ceremony here

After four years of romantic yet low-key relationship between king of Mandopop, Jay Chou and Australian-Taiwanese teenage model, Hannah Quilivan, the power couple finally tied the knot on the eve of Jay’s 36th birthday.

For years, he had played the media and gave them somewhat playful responses when asked about his wedding date. He promised he would wed before his 36th birthday. He kept his promise.

Malaysian celebrity Chef Wan made a joke about the Malaysian Airlines MH370 mystery. Do you find it funny?

Chef WanLast night, Celebrity chef Datuk Chef Wan posted a picture that drew criticism on his Instagram account relating to the potential debris of Malaysian Airlines flightMH370 found in the Indian Ocean.

According to a report on The Star, Chef Wan was holding a piece of door-life object and made this statement, “Two objects in Perth, and this I thought was one of them, the MAS plane’s door. However, after scrutinising it, it turned out to be the old toilet door from Cik Kiah’s house on Morib Beach. Frustrated.”

Doctors found out what Steven Ma did to his health that is considered chronic suicide

On March 17, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) was hospitalized after experiencing a series of bouts of dizziness and high blood pressure.

Steven has been suffering from a chronic heart condition for about ten years. This condition elevates his heart rate, and can lead to fatal conditions. He has regular medical examinations and carries his medication with his at all times.

Kristin Tin lashes back at Anthony Wong for insulting her husband, Chapman To

It is known that Anthony Wong (黃秋生) and Chapman To (杜汶澤) have been having an online feud over the past years. It is more like Anthony Wong posting direct and suggestive comments to Chapman regarding his character and work ethic. Both stars are hot tempered and blunt, and are not shy to voice their opinion over social media for the world to see.

Anthony revealed that he has been tolerating Chapman for longest time, “Of course, many things happened between us, which is why our relations are [so poor] now. Would I just wake up and knock my own head?”

How desperate fans break the law just to meet Kim Soo Hyun

The craze from Korean drama, “My Love from the Star” has swept across Asia and fans are growing desperate to be a part of anything related to the drama. From fried chicken to beer, to the latest red-lip make up, it is not surprising that fans take any opportunity to be close to the stars if they are in town for promotions or events. Just how desperate? Some are willing to go to jail for that.

Why Aimee Chan can’t wait to have a second baby with Moses Chan

Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and in 2005, she went back to Hong Kong alone to compete in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. After being crowned as the winner, she left her work in Canada and joined TVB .

Moses Chan (陳豪) was raised and educated in Australia and had a similar upbringing as Aimee. When the two met onset of TVB’s aster of Play <心戰> in 2010, they immediately clicked and attracted to one another. Aimee’s cheerful, bubbly, positive and straightforward personality paired with Moses’ introverted, quiet and and shy personality proved that opposites attract.

You’ll never guess the number of schools Louis Koo secretly built in China

In the past five years, Louis Koo (古天樂) has been secretly building public schools in mainland China to help young children in need of proper education.

According to an article in Popular Asians, by the end of 2013, the Louis Koo Charitable Foundation had already successfully built 61 public schools spread across China in remote regions of Sichuan, Gansu, Guangxi, and Guizhou.

The Louis Koo Charitable Foundation was established in 2008 after the drastic earthquake that hit Sichuan, China. Schools and homes were destroyed, and families were left hopeless.

Internet trolls cyber-bullied South Korean artists until they committed suicide

Cyber-bullying can be one of the most vicious way to harass artists online as rumors can be spread so quickly, there is no way to stop it. Many celebrities have suffered this type of torture but most decide to brush it off and let it fade with time. Others are not taking it so well as it has claimed many lives of artists who could not bear the pain caused by cyber-bullying.

On Saturday morning, former judge on Australia’s Next Top Model Charlotte Dawson was found dead at her Woolloomooloo home, in Sydney. She was 47 years old. She has had a history of suicidal attempts where she was hospitalized in 2012 for trying to take her own life after Internet trolls send nasty

“Like” to wish Fala Chen Happy 31st Birthday!

Fala Chen (陳法拉) celebrates her 31st birthday today so we would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day. Fala has been living the low-key life and rarely appears on television since her split with wealthy boyfriend , Sit Sai Hang. She is rumored to have returned to New York to further her education in a local university.

Backstabbing and airing dirty laundry – gossip of Bosco Wong’s model girlfriend Vannessa Yeung continues with illegimate 10-year old daughter

Bosco Wong and Vanessa Yeung

Since Vanessa Yeung (楊崢) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) confirmed their relationship in early February, numerous gossip and rumors began following Vanessa. First, the media discovered that Vanessa had a history of dating only wealthy men. Second, Vanessa was claimed to be a boyfriend stealer and the third party in Alman Wong’s (黃佩霞) split with ex-boyfriend Cosmo Beaton. Vanessa denied the claims, but fellow model Christine Au Yang (歐陽妙芝), who is good friends with Alman and has worked with Vanessa on several occasions, did not have any positive comments to say about Vanessa and her character.

Other models who have worked with Vanessa were asked about their thoughts on Vanessa, and though their responses were less extreme, their indifference towards Vanessa is apparent. Fellow model Mikki Yao (姚書軼) said she is not familiar with Vanessa. She also added, “When I work with [Vanessa], it’s usually with a group of a people, and sometimes she would just disappear. Of course, maybe she was also very busy because she is a famous model after all! Secondly, sometimes when I work with her, there would be times when she would miss the entire show. She was a no-show.” Asked if she felt Vanessa was displaying diva behavior, Mikki quickly said,