f(x) a “declaration of war” against 2NE1: ‘YG vs SM’


The battle of the girl groups this year is just getting more and more interesting. f(x)’s presence has become a declaration of war against this summer’s reigning rookie group, 2NE1. On August 24th, via Youtube and SM’s broadcast, SM Entertainment revealed new five-girl group (x)’s debut music video “Lachata” teasers.

f(x) is a girl group that consists of group members Victoria, Amber, Sulli, Luna, and Krystal. This time, SM Entertainment’s goal is not only Korea, but also all of Asia and perhaps even the whole world’s entertainment industry, by preparing long and hard for a global, international girl group. According to SM spokespeople, f(x) will be performing powerful dance moves and songs.

This produces a “powerful” image for the girl group, which discards the old “cute” girl band image, thus becoming a formidable rival for successful girl group 2NE1. SM Entertainment has come out with a statement, saying that through the “powerful” group rivalry, f(x) will gain more popularity.

What’s interesting is that both groups have been through long periods of time as trainees, and are both elegant and have long histories. 2NE1’s Sandara Park was a teenage star in the Philippines, who later returned to Korea to become a member. Gong Minji, stage name Minzy, has also raised a lot of attention, and Park Bom and CL, also YGE trainees, have become celebrities.

f(x) also has impressive history. Krystal, SNSD’s Jessica’s younger sister, has already been a hot topic among netizens. Victoria, a natural born Chinese citizen, has been through various interviews and auditions in China in order to be accepted into SM Entertainment. Sulli has also been a child actress since she was young.

What’s more interesting about the rivalry between 2NE1 and f(x) is the competition between the pride of their two management companies. 2NE1’s company, YG Entertainment, and f(x)’s company, SM Entertainment, are traditional rival entertainment companies when it comes to idol groups. Also, being the management companies for the two largest national bands, DBSK and Big Bang, the competition has now been transferred to the two girl groups.

Judging from the aforementioned points, in the future there should be growing tensions between the rival groups.

source: newsen


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  • korean pop

    2ne1 fighting!
    i hope you get the rookie award this year <3

  • http://88news.net townhawk

    I hope they win too!

  • ping

    after hearing so many comments about f(x)…
    some of my comments here are for those who are biased against f(x) group, i think they rock too! XP \m/ keep on rocking you guys!

    not to be biased and all.. i like both groups. they create unique beat of musics. but, f(x) is just new.. i mean you can’t just luv them right away… i mean when 2NE1 went out with their FIRE song…did averyone liked it at the split second? give them a chance. i mean who cares if one of them would win? it doesn’t mean that everyone in the world agreed on the “winner”.

    and what about amber? yes she looks like a guy, what about it? you hate her style of being macho or tomboy? or is she just handsome enough that you fell for her then the minute you know she’s a girl, you were disappointed? i think she’s pretty! i think her appearance in the music industry would change its appearance of different views and types of girls in the world. i think this would be my first encounter of having a girl band with a girl that type of feature, its so crazy that its so unique!

    btw there dance was synchronized, i don’t see how they have to practice those steps if they already got it in the video ?_?

  • http://none chelsea

    2ne1 is the best group thn f x

  • smilling Angel

    ha ha i want to laugh to much. Fx Vs 2ne1. ha ha fx you want to win, no way… 2ne1 fighting. fx just like an egg and want to fight with rock like 2ne1, has has ha it just a crazy if you want to win na… ^ ^

  • http://mozilla OMG!! AGAIN

    LOL:L this is soo funny another rivalry last time it was with Girl Generation and Wonder Girls and now its
    2NE1 and f(x).
    Wonder girls and 2NE1 for the win.
    but f(x) is pretty good too. Sm\M always release new band at the wrong time and the girl seem to always be beaten by other girls band LOL:L
    first it was Fin.k.l over S.E.S
    then its WOnder Girls ober Girl Generation
    and now 2NE1 and f(x)
    i wonder if it will be different this
    GO JYP AND YG ENTERTAINMENT <3 the company producer are good friends awesome.

  • GyaruOnna

    ewww…f(x) song is not catchy at alll…
    i listened and watch there videos over and over again and 4 me…they are so so so 2ne1 i mean sulli’s looks are Dara’s looks…i didnt say that sulli’s copying dara..but 4 me…its like that.–
    i want 2ne1 win again..^^
    and FYI ping!…the 1st 3scnd of FIRE is awesome!…people love it!…^^
    *vote for 2ne1 in the next melon awards!.^^
    http://www.melon.com/ its written in korean so if u dnt know how just visit this site 1st!.^^
    vote 4 2ne1.^^

  • munchkin

    war.(with due of respect)
    its not a war when the other is very very different than the other.powerful f(x) is not even powerful on deput they gotta show what group they really are and f(x) showed something simple they said they will be powerful but they didnt show it on there deput year if you dont show it on your deput,people will think that the group change from what they were before they can have different concept but people will be quite confused of what the group image is really like or else they would just think the group is just simple group.OK DO YOU GUYS GET IT NOW THAT 2NE1 DEPUT WHERE THEY ARE THE ONLY GROUP TO BE FIERCE AND DISCARD THE “cute” image and other are copying because f(x)deput after 2ne1,4minute too,ha well it obvious that they are copying because 2ne1 a very rare group and NO ONE can be the 0RIGINAL aight that right . B0th groups may have very interesting story but dara beats all of them so what if a persons actress when she was young well people might not remember her no more Sandara ,Filipinos watch her grow and still have her fans even if she is not in Philippines no more , she have pride and proud what ever place she is raise from even if she is not filipino .SM ENTERTAINMENT GOES WITH THE LOOKS INSTEAD OF TALENT WELL LOOK AT 2NE1 THEY ARE VERY VERY SUCCESSFUL IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME AND LOOK AT (F)X .SM PROBABLY WASTE A Lot OF TALENTS. It funny but like sandara she’s very pretty and have lot of fan boy liking her but she was got by yg entertainment and look at sm entertainment they have good looking people but do they have true beauty face over there, they cant even find anyone look at yg they are good looking people there like Se7en,Taeyang,top.i believe that 2ne1 won the awards because of there hard work ,why would they got awards for then.2ne1 work hard for every thing if f(x) is a group that work hard and believe in there self then why why how come they didnt get awards.(the wonderful people that will also help them too)i think 2ne1 win over f(x) anytime because they got pick by talent which probably means maybe they fit to be more successful than f(x) in the entertainment bussiness but like dara who less got picked by talent,work hard and people to help her to come to where 2ne1 are right now but she make the group better more unique because in hip hop dara voice doesnt fit but when you hear her perform and see her perform she like the person to make the group more fresh and you never know that there something like this that can be so sucessful.
    People don’t bash on me because ineed to get my fully opinion on this,im that type of person to get opinion out.I don’t think its worth it why do you need to anyway I said the word maybe and they are very different to be compared and also at the very top I said, with due of respect. So if gonna bash on me go ahead cause idont care eh eh eh eh eh. . . . .=D
    i hope both group would be successful with no fight etc and makes people happy and stuff etc…ok!

  • http://88news enjelCLrox!!!

    i agree with you munchkin 2ne1FTW<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2NE1 IS THE BEST OUT OF ALL others like 4minute and fx are just copying but i dont agree with you that dara beats all of them i think CL beats all of them by looks and talent but sill 2ne1 WINSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay_usa

    f(x)??seriously their beautiful gals,but i thnk SM exagerated a bit on their description that this group is fierce,i dnt thnk so,their just lyk SNSD d diference is dey wear simple kinda fierce outfit but they didnt giv justice on their looks at all..2ne1 seriously smexy fierce..the hell y compare 2 2ne1 their like on a pedestal ryt nw..seriously!!!actions and performances speaks louder..opps f(x)is lypsinching like SNSD..i like 2ne1 the best,2nd is WG..FUNNY BUT I LIKE 2NE1 AND WG COLLABORATION 2 SHUT UP SM ENTERTAINMENT..HAHAHA

  • AnoNyMoUs

    Shutup u haterz. This is my OPINION and i seriously think that snsd are 100% BETTER than 2ne1. Both groups have great song but CL always has to rap in he beginning like “Hey playboy its about time…” And in fire “I go by the name of CL..” That just ruins the song. And all u haterz of snsd, sying they are too girly and they can’t sing live??? Well do u know how hard it is dansing and singing?? No u don;t and u just write rude comments. My opinion is SM entertainment is DE BEST!!! Theres tooo many people leaving JYP. They might as well close down.

  • HeYa

    YG only copies Lady GaGa style every time. They should think of some ideas on their own. When u people say that snsd are too girly??? Girls are supposed to be girly, thats why we are called girls. Other than that tomboys are okay.. And JAY_USA, what do u think??? 2ne1 and f(x), of course F(X)!!! DUH!!!! F(X) HAVE JUST DEBUTED IN 2009!! SM IS BEST


    listen all you 2NE1 haters y’all need to SHUT UP! 2NE1 is THE BEST. what other girl group can you see that is like 2NE1 huh??? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT F(X) is not better than 2NE1 hahahahahahahahahahah its funny that people say that! anyways how the fu*k does YG copy GAGA huh? your stupid! and SM people do lip sync! hahahah no YG family member lip syncs plus 2NE1 dances AND sings at the same time! duh dont say its hard! 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1!!!!!!!!! YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG YG!!!!!!!!!!

  • yulah

    go 2ne1!!


    ya TRUE all SM artist do lipsynch always
    even SNSD too bad they’re caught
    GO 2ne1 hehehe

  • krung krung si sandy

    2NE1 is the best of the best in the history of the best 😀

  • Dex

    Both 2NE1 and f(x) are awesome and unique in their own different ways. Those who choose to compare the two groups are just plain immature. Get a life

  • sinting2ne1

    2ne1 2ne1 2ne1…and on and on and on….!

  • Affxionforeva!

    f(x) song may not be impressive but look at their style! The dance! The voice! That totally will someday beat 2NE1 !

  • Affxionforeva!

    f(x) song may not be impressive but look at their style! The dance! The voice! That totally will someday beat 2NE1 !!!

  • http://88news 2NE1-YG-FAMILY

    Ok so Fx style may be cool, but it’s 2NE1 Style! They copied 2NE1 looks, and like what other say before SULLI LOOKS ARE ALL DARA STYLE.just search up the images and you will see 😀 2NE1 For the Win.

  • Viscount

    2ne1. duh.

  • *swagger

    2NE1 ALL THE WAY!!

    i became a kpop fanatic after i saw the mv of bigbang and 2ne1’s lollipop. everytime i hear that song makes me feel younger and i feel refreshed.

    that’s why the song lollipop for me has a big impact as like the artists 2ne1*bb and i will treasure and cherish it for the rest of my life.

    without the song lollipop of bigbang and 2ne1, i wont be moved, yg artists served as an inspiration to me because of them i learned alot in terms of hardwork and passion.

    *this is my point of view)
    -yg family family family :))

  • http://www.facebook.com sukhbir aziniod

    wewww !! 2ne1 is the best !!! they got the moves, dance, song and of course the most expensive, branded fashion !!! hahahaa !! LOLerz .. :)

  • http://hotmail.com 2NE1L0VER

    I think SM ent. kind of exaggerate on the description of his new Girl group. Although I’m not a fan of F(x) but i don’t agree with my fellow blackjacks saying they’re copying 2NE1’s style. I mean it’s really hard now a days to be original because it seem like every styles have been taken so the recent rookies’ [2008-11] management is left to choose a style that’s already been shown before. However 2NE1 is one of the idol group that have their “own original style”. That’s why I’ll always pick them no-matter what. Because each of the members[Not saying f(x) members arent] have very unique and kinda quirky personality; I adore them to death

  • Asullians fan

    2NE1 was an awesome group but newest dance group f(x) is a very talented and fresh looking group. I think f(x) will win plus they are all natural beauty (what i hear) their song is very powerfull.

    But all of 2NE1 fan don’t get angry becouse SM released a group group a think they can beat 2NE1. Please don’t hate f(x) they are just rookie that debuted with a great song . I hope in the feture f(x) will be more mature and become a very popular group .

    But i don’t really care who win WHEN MUSIC GOOD MURIC GOOD.