G Dragon & Sandara Park Kiss!

G Dragon & Sandara Park Kiss!

After news went out that GDragon and Sandara Park will once again perform their collaboration ‘Hello’ on coming Chuseok special SBS ‘Idol Big Show’, a photo of the performance which was revealed has caught the attention of many netizens.

The photo was spread rapidly amongst netizens on online noticeboards, and the photo was called the “GDragon Sandara Park Kiss”.

This will be the 2nd time the 2 will perform the song ‘Hello’ after the first live performance of it on Global Gathering recently.

Many netizens thought the 2 looked good together.

So does Sookyeong. This 2 look incredibly good together, because they are both quirky and they both look way younger than their age.


source: kbites

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  • Yanis


    1st it’s TOP and Lee Hyori kiss…
    Now it’s G Dragon and Sandara!

    Are they trying to kill me!! GAhhhhhhhhh!!

    I want!

  • joyce kim

    they didnt kiss if u wath the video. dara bows her head and gdragon just covers both of there faces with his hat. if they did kiss then it would be awkward between 2ne1 and bigbang. and plus there close so what if they hug whatever. gdragon said that he “s like 2ne1’s father. it whould be weird if the father went out with his child

  • kirin

    That’s not a real kiss..
    if you see it properly is actually sandara is only bow her head a little and g dragon only take his hat and close both their faces..
    the distance among sandara and g dragon was too far that their faces were not touching..

  • Nicole

    How do you know??? Noooooooooooo my life is ruined!!

  • gurlicutie

    LOL I’ve seen the video about a hundred times now, and I really think that GD somehow kissed Dara in the forehead.
    Besides, even IF they didn’t kiss, the closeness of their face to each other, for what, maybe about 4 seconds, is something. You can’t just put your face that close to anyone you are not oh-so very close to.
    I think they at least have a crush on each other. I mean, if you’re a girl and you look at GD, won’t you fall in love right there and then? And if you’re a boy, looking at dara can possibly melt your heart.
    Am I right, or am i wrong?

  • http://www.yahoo.com gee_mae


  • Dina

    Awww they are so cute together!

  • http://friendster bianca

    I hate that g-dragon kiss sandara park I’m in jealouse.Because I Love g-dragon

  • http://- nia

    IS IT true they are a couple?

  • Anna

    no, I think they are not together

  • http://- nia

    is sandara and lee seunggi lover…

  • http://- MARI

    I had Dara

  • http:[email protected] Ain

    I really hate Sandara Park and i heird G-Dragon and Jessica on Girls Generation are couple.

  • http://g-carinoo.tumblr.com Jiyy

    nooooooooooooo ! they’re not match each other . heeeuh … GD isn’t good to loving noona .

  • http://เมียจีแหละ เมียจี

    ดาร่าอก่ไม่คุ่ควรกะจี จีหล่อ ยังเอ๊าะๆ ดาร่าแก่ตัวดำนิดๆ ไม่ชอบเลยดาร่าอ่ะ ตอแxล
    จีไม่จูบจิงหรอ แค่เอาหมวกบังไม่ได้จูบหรอก เหนหน้าก๊ะจูบไม่ลง แหวะๆๆๆๆ

  • luxie

    i hate the gril sandra park…….
    coz u seee sanadra is always been next to g-dragon in lolliopop 2( feat 2ne1 )
    btw i heard dat sandra park and the g-dragon r coupless

  • luxie

    i don’t really think dat they have really kissed coz g-dragon is 22 years old and sandara park is 26 years old …..soo abouisly they r not gonna kiss each other ……..btw sandara park is like a older siter to g-dragonnnnnn

  • http://www.gilanak.com masi


  • Put Ti

    KISSSSSSSSSSSSS…………………GD….wah wahh T_T….
    This news makes me SHCKED……………………

  • carol

    i think is a fake kiss!if real kiss…i will die!

  • Lilian Jane

    Hey guys wait a minute..They are not kissing!Please look carefully….Look at the picture again…i’m sure that they do not kissing…..if they real kissing,that mean Sandara like GD…^_^
    Please look at the picture again…..
    Love GD….

  • Lilian Jane

    And please do not hate Sandara….*_^

  • http://www.stopmalebaldness.com/ Joe Brennan

    What a colorful couple!

  • connie

    i hope they are good couple i love it to each other there are look seem…

  • connie

    i love to see each other….sandara park & g dragon….

  • http://g-dragon miuky

    ewww…kitto eppra tsukiuj notto kitop ckehy sauo

  • beachbabe

    they look good together:) i think they like each other… but not dating

  • beachbabe

    dara haters are just jelous:)) coz they can never be like her… their bitterness are eating them! so all they can do is to say alot of bad things about her…

  • http://facebook.com/bimbi.bimbbbott GD is my life

    they r not a couple ;p
    GD already has gf.
    but that is his secret 😀

  • phoebeannroldan

    They did not kiss, GD do that because the strap of dara unhooked, I just watched the video. GD shocked when he saw the strap of bra of dara unhooked. He was so concern.

  • Plastic

    Stupid people that shipping GD with Jessica Snsd! HELL NO! Jessica look terrible !

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