Momo Love ratings suck; Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang’s relationship turns sour?

Momo Love ratings suck; Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang’s relationship turns sour

It has been a month since the debut of Momo Love, which is a drama produced by GTV, aired on CTV, and the drama is now last place in ratings, competing against the other idol dramas: Autumn’s Concerto and Hi, My Sweetheart. Momo Love, starring Cyndi Wang and Jiro Wang, is adapted from the Japanese manga, Momoka Typhoon. Although Momo Love contains a strong cast, which includes Ken Chu of F4, Ding Chun Cheng, Godfrey Gao, Lan Jun Tian, and Jing Wong, the ratings have not been up to GTV is still trying to identify the reason to such low results. Netizens of the popular PTT forum, on the other hand, harshly criticize that the drama lacks content and an interesting plot. In addition, some stated, “Ken Chu’s face is too big. It doesn’t look good on screen,” and, “None of Jiro’s dramas have ever done well. He clearly can’t bring in the ratings.”

The audience has shown more interest in the comedic quartet (Ding Chun Cheng, Godfrey Gao, Lan Jun Tian, and Jing Wong) than the main couple of Cyndi and Jiro. Thus, rumors have risen that Cyndi and Jiro’s relationship have turned sour due to the criticisms and rating. Some staff members of the drama also reported that Cyndi and Jiro’s interactions were awkward during the filming. Cyndi’s manager, Zhang Jia Rong, declined such claims and stated that Cyndi’s relationship with a co-star wouldn’t turn sour just because of a bad series. Zhang further expressed confidence in Cyndi by stating that her acting and popularity have long been proven in “La robe de Mariee des cieux” and “Smiling Pasta.” However, Cyndi was in tears in front of the media recently due to the pressure that is put on her. Cyndi expressed that she has been having trouble sleeping because of this.

Understandably, if the drama is well received, the cast can choose to do less promotional activities or even none at all. However, since this is not the case, many showed dissatisfaction toward Ken Chu as he still has not attended any press conference for Momo Love since the very first when the crew announced the start of the filming.


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  • anonymous

    i don’t get it! Momo Love is a GREAT drama.
    geesh. Jiro is soooo Handsome. Such Jiro haters.
    &&serioulsy. All Jiros drama are Good&Nice.
    They just don’t know anything about drama
    They should at least appreciate the casts for their hard work that they put in this drama.
    Makes me want to knock some senses into these ppls.
    Garrsh. This makes me MAD! lol

  • lily

    why do they care about the face?
    are their faces that good?,huh?!
    they’re just jealous about them.
    if they really are INTERESTED about the drama,
    they must know the story first!

  • Tina

    Gui Gui and Arron Yan would’ve done better. no offense to cyndi and jiro

  • lil

    Damn them! MOMO LOVE is such a pretty good drama with a great cast and a great plot!

    How dare they judge the drama harshly when they don’t even probably know the story.
    Besides, Jiro’s so hot and Cyndi is such a cutie
    Honestly, what’s their problem?! Yeah. Some may say Aaron and guigui may have done well. But did they even see them act in this drama? Jiro-cyndi is so great!!! Why can’t they simply appreciate it? Why do they keep on bringing back the cast that was never seen acting on Momo love?

    And what the hell is the talk about Ken’s big face? So what?! They criticize it too badly. They’re not very good critics, I must say.

    Momo love is so good. Try watching it.

    Uh! I hate these people!

  • Julie

    The reason is obvious.
    Hai Pai Tian Xin (Hi my sweetheart) has a stronger, and more popular cast, and a better script.
    The acting in both dramas is good, thus.
    About the Jiro thing:
    As far as I know the drama It started with a kiss, where he played the second male lead did well enough to get a second season. The Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi, where Jiro also was second male lead did good as well.
    And why the hell would the size of Ken’s head matter?
    Lots of people have big heads. Geez.

  • Jade

    What the hell are these people talking about? Momo Love is awesome… And Jiro and Cyndi as well as the rest of the cast are doing a great job… And what’s with the comment about Ken’s head?… Why the hell does that even matter?… These people know nothing! Grr. I hate them!

  • prenstingirl

    reallyy i cant get itt !!why do people say such things about this drama !! it s a great one since a long time from taiwanaise dramas in general !!why people always criticiz before watchingg, they are spreading rumours and everything !! maybe the taste change but we should repesct what the others like !!

  • ptji

    momo love is indeed a great drama!!!! and btw, aaron and gui gui wouldn’t have done better.

  • portwine

    I dont get why this drama has poor ratings.
    Im from the philippines and I liked it the first time I saw it from youtube.
    I was thinking of learning korean at the time but had second thought after seeing this.
    I cant even wait to get some of the episodes to be subbed in english. I find Cyndi Wang really cute, I even have to google the cast to know her name.

    I still dont get why it got poor ratings. Someone made a mistake in counting perhaps?

  • mich

    GGrrrr…..what the hell is this all about!!!

    I’ve been going crazy and all giggly with it!! The first time i watched it, i can’t help myself but watch it. I stayed up late till 3 am(*note: i have school that morning) just to finish the first four episodes!

    And why the hell are they comparing it with ‘hi my sweetheart’?!?!?! i’ve watched the first three episodes and i think momo love is way better than it. HMS may be funny but momo love is very great!!!

    APPRECIATION. don’t these people know that word???
    Plus, i don’t find the storyline to be slow. Nice tempo.

    and the cast is the best! No need to bring back the previous cast we never even saw. jiro and cyndi are doing their jobs well! Jiro has a new image now and it suits him.

    Also to these people, a supporting character brings color to the story. Don’t ditch jiro and make him look like a wet puppy. Admit it or not, you all did laugh, ot annoyed, got touched at his funny roles in his previous dramas.

    low ratings or not, who cares???Together and momo love are both great, don’t you think? and that’s what matters most. still, a lot people give their praises for momo love…

    so please, don’t criticize it too harshly.

  • pink star

    momo love is a great idol drama, with cyndi and jiro. I don’t see why it has harsh comments and low ratings, I hope it gets better ratings as the series process. I seriously like the drama a lot. “Hi, sweetheart” is okay, but for me, i am not too interested in it.

  • mimi

    dang, these netizens are retarded. i haven’t seen taiwanese series in a long time, and now I can’t wait for the subs to come out. this drama is somewhat pointless (just like so many other dramas out there), but it makes me wanna keep watching. i love the humour. who cares what those idiots say. just keep on making it.

  • Jiro Fanatic

    hi i love the show momo love cos there are my fav actors acting it especially Jiro. Cyndi was meant to be with Jiro but there came a Ridiculous Old Man that is Calvin’s dad to make Jiro and Cyndi apart. What a JERK! no offence to calvin.

  • Kevin

    I personally think that Momo Love is great because their skills are great.

    The feeling they express can be read on their like as it seem real.

    I am sure they put in a lot of work through this.
    People who hate Momo Love must have a good reason not like “Ken Chu’s face is too big. It doesn’t look good on screen,”

    So base on this the people of Momo Love hater are blaming on Ken Chu.

    You guy can’t blame on Ken Chu and nothing can be change Ken Chu by the way Ken Zhu acting are great.
    If you hate Momo Love it mean that u don’t understand the plot.

    Whatever answer the Momo Love haters gave are rubbish and it does not make sense.

    Momo Love is great Drama with cute acting and have lot a feeling like shy, angry, feel like fighting, love, tried and so on.

    Not only their feeling are great their acting too as their acting are like natural like as if seems real.

    Pls don’t stop Momo Love. Continue them. It a great drama with lots of twist and sudden turn. This drama is unique cause this is the first time i saw the drama about Toa Hua( Cyndi Wang.) Love Shi Ling ( Jiro Wang) with 4 evil brothers who always don’t want their sister to fall in love and it up to Toa Hua to make her way through.

    I wrote this on how i feel about this drama.

    By the way i am not Chinese but i am Indian. So CONTINUE Momo Love. Momo Love all the way. ^^.

    If u want to contact me pls do.

    Email:[email protected]



    I love this drama. Personally I don’t get why they are talking bad about it. I have watched every single drama Jiro and Cyndi have done and have loved them all. They are awesome together. I don’t know what they want. I wait patiently each week to watch this drama and I can’t speak Mandarin, just a few words. They have no idea how big the fan base is. They would be shocked if they did. On the big head comment, I have no idea what that has to do with the drama or the actors acting skills. That’s just plain discrimination. If they would release more dramas with subtitles people around the world would buy them that much faster and make them more popular. I love this drama and personally can’t wait to see the rest. Shame on the critics. What makes you an expert. I would love to see your Oscar to shut me up!!!!

  • summer heat

    Well…maybe it’s cuz the manga wasn’t so popular. I must admit I haven’t heard of Momoka Typhoon. I only expressed interest in Hana Kimi because I’ve read the manga before and thought the story was overall great (except I didn’t really like its ending as much). Other adaptations of manga I’ve seen were based on the fact that other viewers (thus the Taiwanese locals who would actually affect ratings and foreigners/Chinese living overseas) talk about it so much that I decide to watch it. Since the show is not doing well with the locals…maybe that’s why.

    BTW, I must say I am really curious about Love Buffet because Parfait Tic is kinda interesting. I didn’t really enjoy the middle part but overall, it reminded my My Love Patzzi. Anyway, maybe I’ll check it out if I have time.

    I LOVE Jiro as Nakatsu in HanaKimi (Shou Yi?)!!! Nakatsu is a very very lovable character (thus I love Ikuta Toma too <3).

  • Rae

    actually. i like jiro. i like cyndi. but, theyre telling the truth. i quit watching it on the first episode. whenever jiro is in it, ratings drop. cyndi is normally really great at acting. e.g, smiling pasta. jiros previous drama with rainie was also a failure. but look at rainie now. with show luo , their show hi my sweetheart rocks (but i like autumns concerto more.). the point is, jiro has so much effort into acting, but to most people, hes just not suited for it. the only reason why i hesitated on stopping watching momo love was because of the brother. truthfully, id rather have them as the mains. sorry jiro, but im not on your side this time.

  • Rae

    AND, id like to add to that. I was really REALLY SERIOUSLY looking forward to guilun. that was the only reason i wanted to watch it. but when i heard the cast changed, immediately, my mind changed. i mean, jiro and cyndi ? who are they kidding. i wouldve prefered cyndi and nicholas teo. but one thing for sure, if they really want to continue despite all the netizens have said, id say go for it. but it comes with a price. LITERALLY a price. money. and also it comes with a price of negative responses from many people. i SUPERLOVE autumns concerto since out of all the taiwanese dramas, INCLUDING my lucky star, i found this one the most impressive. originally, i thought that nothing can beat my lucky star, guess i was wrong. and, i used to SUPERHATE rainie, but i SUPERSTARTEDLOVINGHER after hi my sweetheart. i suggest you guys watch hi my sweetheart or autumns concerto. and then again , momo love doesnt have much of a storyline. AND, most dramas on gtv, or lin he long dont get much great ratings.. NO NEGATIVE REPLIES PLEASE.

  • Nobody

    A show not nice coz one of the cast have a big head?!and plus it’not even looks big coz ken chu is big size(no offence).But seriously jiro’skill looks like if he doesn’t act the show den the boss will kill him

  • Jay

    Personally, i refuse to watch this drama because it was originally supposed to star aaron yan and guigui. Honestly, if the drama still had them as the main leads, it would be much more interesting. For one, they have excellent chemistry, and another, they are just so much more popular.

  • Jiro X Cyndi

    Momo love/tao hua xiao mei is AWESOME!
    I don’t get it why people rated it poor .
    maybe they’re fools huh?
    this is the second taiwanese drama I’ve ever watched .
    the first 1 is F4,but still,
    I guess I like this one more than F4.
    cos they’re long episodes.
    tee-hee,sorry for the wrong spelling everyone!
    Shut up you freak,you’re jeaolus!

  • Riisa

    I don’t what the heck is wrong with these people but I LOVED JIRO in this drama!! Momo Love was a GREAT drama!!

    I don’t watch a whole lot of Taiwanese dramas and I HAVEN’T been watching any T-drama for few years. I just finished Momo Love this year and I thought it was funny, cute, and romantic!

    Jiro’s acting was good! FUCK U HATERS!! Ya just jealous that he got this role instead of that Aaron guy!

    Ok, ya wanna compare it with Hi My Sweethear? Momo Love was waayyy funner to watch than Hi My Sweetheart. And I practically found myself LAUGHING during each episode in Momo Love. In “Hi My Sweet,” it was like they TRIED to be funny and it wasn’t even funny. >_>

  • anonymous

    i don’t think this was because of the actors/actresses’ faults, it was mostly because of the lack of dimensions in their characters. Jiro and Cyndi looked really good in it, and their acting skills really pretty good, but their characters were rather boring. It obviously wasn’t Ken’s fault either, since him having a ‘big head’ isn’t really a big deal anyways, at least it wouldn’t really make or break the series.

  • Tia

    Look, all this talk about “aaron and guigui will be better” just makes me sick. Dont get me wrong, I love them. But we shouldn’t compare them to Jiro and Cyndi. They are different people so obviously the chemistry is different. All those who say they didnt watch just cause aaron and guigui arent in it are LOSERS. You mean just because your favourite actors arent in it you dont watch??? That is downright shallow. And jiro’s dramas are awesome! I watched every single one and I loved the plot, the characters and most of all, Jiro’s acting!! So please, dont compare couples because you just end up embarrassing yourself on the internet. The critics just like making money out of celebrities’ downfalls so people shouldnt put too much emphasis on their say. THE CRITICS SUCK!!!

  • Tia

    Oh and Rae, (look at previous comments) please oh please shut your mouth. You are so shallow. You condemned the drama just cause guilun wasnt acting? If you said the plot was boring then fine, I would accept your opinion. But i HATE people who are so shallow to judge the drama based on the cast.