Super Junior’s Lee Teuk heartbroken over cheating girlfriend

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk heartbroken over cheating girlfriend

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 24th November, Lee Teuk revealed his heartbreaking love story which took place 3 years back.

He said, “After debut, I need to show responsibility in every matter as a leader. I even have a little pre-test about going into a love relationship.” He talks about falling in love with a woman 3 years back, “3 years ago, when I was doing schedule, a lady passed by and caught my attention. And I thought ‘So you can really fall in love with a person at first sight’.”

He added, “I thought that it will be burdensome if I have gone up personally. So I asked ShinDong to help me ask for her contacts. I said ‘This is Lee Teuk. I really like you that I think I’m in love with you. I hope we can meet up and talk’. And the woman said, ‘I feel pressured because you are an idol’.”

But to win the woman’s heart, Lee Teuk had borrowed Super Junior’s 250K kilo schedule car and prepared a CD with songs that the she may like. Lee Teuk said, “I stopped the car in a park in YeoIlDo and played the song ‘DDD’ by Kim HyeRim to lighten up the mood. She said that we have similar taste in music. She was then thirsty and as I got PET bottles and went to a nearby restaurant to fill it up with Cola and cider. She said that she felt my love and was thankful.”

He continued, “But she never told me that she like me. So I proposed ‘I want to go out with you officially’. And the woman accepted. But following that we only meet like once a week. She called and said ‘JungSoo sshi, I really wanted to watch that movie.”

“Even though it was peak hours, I went out for a date with the woman. Even though I may be caught by reporters, I didn’t care more and held the woman’s hand and we went to a cinema in KangNam. I thought that I really wanted to marry this woman and am ready to give up my celebrity life. People have saw me and asked ‘Is that Lee Teuk?’. But I didn’t care more.”

But coincidentally the woman’s mobile phone rang. And the person on the other line is a ChaeBol 2nd generation celebrity. Lee Teuk said, “I passed her the phone and pretended that I didn’t see his name, she then went away to take the call. I had the 250K borrowed car and it was said that he was waiting in front of her house with a luxurious foreign car.”

“I was so happy looking at the woman for 30 seconds. After that it was like hell. After that day, she did not contact me and we did not meet up at all. And for the next 6 months, I went into a slump. I kept calling her but she never picked up.”

Super Junior member Eun Hyuk said, “This is the first time I see Lee Teuk fall in love and get so heartbroken.”

And when asked if it is alright to reveal his love story on the show, Lee Teuk said that it is alright since he has said in a calm state. “Now that I’ve said these words out, I feel good inside. I really wanted to give up then. But I have no regrets about it now.”


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  • Merryyuna

    poor leetuk….!! that girl definitely will regret it now….cause Leetuk is sooo nice..his smile is cute…oh my..I really cant imagine leetuk with broken-hearted…=(

  • J.

    Poor Teukie!
    that woman was really foolish to ever give up on LeeTeuk! T_T

  • ayat

    who’s that poor girl? i wanna know?

  • http:[email protected] sousou

    i don’t want see you cry pleas lee teuk oppa smiling eni day

  • http://lala JuneluvLeeteuk

    ): , Leeteuk ! The women so stupid. Leeteuk so cute! If i were the girl , i wont give up ! >:( Ah, poor leeteuk. cheer up, iloveyouu! 😀

  • wengz

    lee teuk is still very cute even when he cries..that girl was so lucky because even now lee teuk’s crying for her.. a famous leader of suju was crying because of a sad..dont cry..YOONA’s there…

  • anna

    oh my angel feel sorry for that dont worry u can find other girl who really loves you more. you really deserve to be happy.hope you are okay now.but dont worry there are lots of fans who loves u…and im one of them..hehe..cheer up…love you always leeteuk..

  • anna

    oh my angel feel sorry for that dont worry u can find other girl who really loves you more. you really deserve to be happy.hope you are okay now.but dont worry there are lots of fans who loves u…and im one of them..hehe..cheer up…love you always leeteuk..TAKE CARE

  • jennysuju

    omg, i really admit it, that girl is so lucky enough for my TEUKIE to really fall in love with her, and willing to give up his celebrity life just to marry that girl. but EVERYTHING HAPPENS WITH A PURPOSE. that just means that that girl is not for LeeTeuk. so many people i’ve known had experienced it, but just like Teukie, they never regretted it.

    so that means, there is someone out there that is even more special for Teukie than anybody else. and when Teukie finds that girl, he can tell himself that this is definitely her.

    Teukie, please choose a good and nice girl that will truly support you and love you.

    ♥ jennyteukie ♥

  • jennysuju

    TEUKIE, i don’t know if you and the other SuJu members really feel it. but we, your fans, the E.L.F.’s do really love you.

    i admit it, i love you from the bottom of my heart. (well, as a fan) but that does not matter. as long as love is present.

    TEUKIE, sarangheyo
    mahal kita
    i love you

  • http://Yahoo Dessa

    I can’t belieave my angel was hurt so bad.I hate that woman because she made my angel heat broken.She only wants to be famous!I feel sad for my angel.T_T …… Don’t wery, i will alwhays support you,my angel.No matter what!

  • merissa delfino

    I’m so sorry to hear that,leeteuk. Im so sad that you’ve gone through such situation but I know that you’re okay now. Don’t worry though im just a fan here from the philippines i’ll always love and support you. Yah, it’s true that you can fall in love with a person with one first sight. Hope to meet you in person. Good Luck! Stay healthy and be happy. Saranghaye. Take care!

  • Nina

    awwwwwwww dont cry!!! she didnt deserve your love anyway.
    just remember that you are a good person dont let that girl take your your awsomeness!!!

  • nica may

    .. i cnt imagine she did dat to u lee teuk … i dnt wnt to see u cry just 4 a woman like dat .. hope you till remember da days im wid u …
    LEE TEUK :: i love u

  • e’miko

    i love u !

  • princess

    I AM ONLY A FAN ,BUT dont worry there are million fans that are supporting you and dont cry at that woman,someday u can find another girl that wont make u cry and love you more than that woman .
    Leeteuk:your fan!!!!love as your fan!!!

  • http://leeteuk meonjeikore


  • rhea

    OHHH!!!how sad!! i can be your woman if you want to eeteuk oppa!!!saranghe!!!

  • Doanne

    ..uh-oh.. if you could only see me, ill be covering my face cause im shy to let you see me crying..ouch!

  • http://hmm... elis97


  • Jon

    Have you read his new album is doing great!
    He can find a better girl in a second.

  • http://facebook charlynemae

    poor leeteuk you are so nice and cute.. it is was the first time that you fell in love with a normal woman.
    how can she do that to you,
    we will support you leeteuk and all of the suju members.

  • teunette

    how dare dat girl? dont cha wory, we, your loving fans are here for you……….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TeugeeLEE

    WHAT THE????????????????? teukee,,, f you will just let me, i wil puch who ever dat girl s……IM pretty sure the right girl for you wil just come… WE WIL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • devine

    Annyeonghaessayo!just be strong! in fact, that girl doesnt deserve your “;LOVE;”. JUST find another deserving girl that will surely love you at all times…..

  • Kat♥

    I…I…I just don’t get it. I don’t get it. Who is SOOOO cute that they are good enough to cheat on LeeTeuk with?! I don’t get it. I just don’t understand…poor Leeteuk…

  • hhz

    e-teuk,sometimes somethings are better let forgotten.same with u,i know how that feel.broken in to pieces.let it strong.u can get someone that is better than what u need to do for your life.BE HAPPY I WISH.

  • draye

    oh my…i wish i could be that gurl…but what i can say about it..i just wished,,,hahaha.,
    but i know in time lee teuk would meet his lovable half…who would be proud and happy to have him..

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