Hins Cheung and Kenny Kwan are gay?



Recently, Hins Cheung has won favor from his record company boss and becomes his god-son. Since then, his way of living is becoming more and more wealthy. However, had always been loyal on relationships, Hins was rumored to be especially caring towards “brokeback” good friend Kenny Kwan. Besides helping Kenny with his GuangZhou show, last week he also took the initative to introduce his new wealthy god-father to his good friend at the ceremony of becoming official god father-son. Turns out that a few months ago, Hins also secretly invested 30,000 HKD a month to rent a house in Sai Kung. His relationship with Kenny rises becoming housemates as they live together.


Actually last year a rumor spread from a real estate agency that Hins often secretly goes to Sai Kung to look at houses and it was said that he wanted a good scenery and open space independent house. A few months ago, Hins rented a 3 story house for 30,000 HKD a month. The nearby neighbors exposed: “They moved in for a few months already! We don’t often see them coming in and out of the house though, it’s mostly only Kenny coming out to walk his dog.”

On January 19th, Kenny was spotted at the house dressed all black with a cap on. However, Hins was not seen at all that day.

The afternoon of January 20th, after Hins finished working on recording, he drove back to his house in Sai Kung. Hins appeared two hours after Kenny got back at 6:30pm. The entire house was covered with blinds, there were only lights seen by the windows. Not sure if the two men found out that they were being watched, but Kenny’s good friends Deep Ng and his girlfriend arrived at the house with two other male friends. The group started chatting and laughing together, while carrying in two large bags of groceries. Looks like Hins and Kenny wanted to cover their actual relationship up by inviting other friends over.


Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

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