Harlem Yu’s wife asked for his forgiveness

Harlem Yu’s wife asked for his forgiveness

Harlem Yu’s frequent episodes of blowing his top at the media are not unknown, and the Taiwanese singer-host has collided again, this time quite literally.

He appeared to have lost his composure and tripped over himself last Tuesday when reporters asked about the rumours that his ex-wife Annie Yi is pleading for a reunion.

Reports recently surfaced that singer Annie, 41, texted her him to ask for his forgiveness and a chance for reconciliation. She also acknowledged her mistake for letting go “someone who loves me so much.”

Annie has since denied the speculations on her blog saying “I won’t return to my old life.” The couple ended their nine-year marriage after news of her infidelity broke in late 2008. Before the shocking news, they were seen as the model husband-and-wife in Taiwanese entertainment circle.

When reporters confronted him at the studio recording for his show The One Million Singer, the 48-year-old shot back, “Go ask whoever started this!”

What happened quickly after his retort appeared to show he’s affected by the media scrutiny as he slipped onstage and landed on his bottom.

But the host managed to divert the attention with humour and even joked with the audience about his tumble by saying, “Did I fall okay?”

While he’s been known to ignore the media whenever a touchy topic is raised, the veteran took exception on Tuesday when promoting his upcoming concert. He said that he has been working out two to three hours a day and loading his diet with whole meal items, vegetables, fruits and tuna, resulting in his shedding of four to five kilos.



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