MC Jin got married in Puerto Rico!

On February 12th, MC Jin and his wife Carol held their wedding in the small island of Puerto Rico and invited 30 loved ones to celebrate with them. As the couple met at the small island, so their wedding was held there. MC Jin met his wife 7 years ago, at the time MC Jin was a guest performer at a music concert, Carol was the event’s registrar. However, it was not love at first sight for the couple, it was only at another music concert that they met again and fate arranged a River of Love for them. The two dated for 5 years before deciding to get married, after marriage they didn’t set up defenses either. MC Jin laughed: “At first I really wanted to have a son, but now I just feel that it’s enough for the baby to be healthy.”

MC Jin proposed to Carol

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  • Annie

    Very very cute. =)