Miss Hong Kong 2013 crowned!

Miss Hong Kong 2013 pageant was aired on TVB on September 1, 2013. Public most favored candidate, Grace Chan Hoi Lam took the title of Miss Hong Kong 2013, crushing No. 15 Sisley Choi Si Bui. Grace also won Miss Photogenic, Miss Travel Ambassador and voted “Most Popular with the Media Award”. However, TVB stated that her last Media Award was not counted.

Grace was the first half elected Miss Hong Kong, receiving 171,478 votes and pulled away from first runner up Sisley by over 60,000 votes. The second runner up was 6 Moon Lau Pui Yuet. With numerous gossips 13 Tammy Ou-Yang Hau Ying due to her negative image ended up in 8th place. 16 Peggy Tsui Siu Pui came in last.

Past last year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant voting failure, TVB this year learned a lesson and ended voting half a hour before announcing the results. Viewers and jury votes each counted for half and scores were announced live to increase the excitement, which was cruel to low scoring candidates. Favorites Grace and Sisley were in a close race all night. Sisley first lost to Grace 7 to 10 on Miss Photogenic and then for the title. Chan Hoi Lam came in first in both jury and viewer voting and Sisley came in second.

282,531 people voted and the total amount was 534,810 votes. Grace received 171,478 votes over 60,000 more than first runner up Sisley’s 110,006 votes. Chan Hoi Lam with 29.45 beat Choi Si Bui’s 21.29 in jury scores. In total score Chan Hoi Lam with 61.51 pulled away fromSisley’s 41.86 to win the title. The second runner up Lau Pui Yuet received 64,871 votes.

The 22 year old Grace is an university graduate, 5′ 4″ tall, measurements are 30-22-33 and only 87 pounds. Her excessive thinness has been talked about. She denied having plastic surgery and thus immediately brought out childhood photos to clarify. Chan Hoi Lam’s performance last night was even. Class juror Eric Tsang Chi Wai asked if she was rich girl and made fun of her for saying that only middle class families lived in a 5,000 square foot mansion. Grace stressed that her family was not rich, the wealth of the heart was the most important. Her goal to become a television program host and a successful artist.

Sisley is a 22 year old student and 5′ 4.5″ tall, measurements 31-24-33. Her goal is to live an exciting and honorable life. Tsang Chi Wai asked who was the most pretentious among the candidates. Sisley directly said Tammy Ou-Yang Hau Ying was “very fake” because her ability to impersonate others was good.

Second runner up Lau Pui Yuet was one of the pre race favorites. She came in third with the jury and the viewer voting. Currently 23 she is a project manager, 5′ 8.5″ tall, measurements 33.5-24-25. Once a favorite Virginia Lau Wan Hing only came in fourth. Carol Cheng Yui Ling asked her that at 22 she still has never had a relationship. She joked that at age 3 she began her relationship with the piano. Romance was about destiny, as long as he is nice he is OK.

Jury members Raymond Lam Fung and Linda Chung Ka Yun were pleased with the results, which were no different from their choices. Lam Fung saw the candidates before so the impression last night was similar and the scoring was almost uniform; Chung Ka Yun said that Chan Hoi Lam’s live performance was outstanding, she smiled and was calm and gracious.

Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Tsang Chi Wai, Cheng Yui Ling and Hacken Lee Hak Kun were on the “star jury”. Hosts Amigo Choi Kin bong and Wong Cho Nam joked that the elders were pulling their puppet strings. Both Chan Pak Cheung struck back. “Together you aren’t even 11 foot of hosts, after a season or a half you will be gone.”

He even cited Joey Leung Wing Chung and Ronald Cheng Chung Kei as examples. Chi Wai joked, “Don’t wait until the third part for us to be back on.” When Wong Cho Nam introduced jury members Chung Ka Yun and Lam Fung, he joked that one was “Ka Yun BB” and the other was “with one BB” Lam Fung.

In the second part, candidates wore retro fashion for questions and answers, but neither had any surprise and only relied on the star voters to make comedy. When the host as Karen Leung Ka Yun and Tammy Ou-Yang Hau Ying to choose the next star voter to be a “fugitive”, they both chose Tsang Chi Wai. Chi Wai joked, “It depends on what I would be robbing! Sex might be me, but jewelry would definitely be Sister Do (Cheng Yui Ling)! She is so greedy.”

2013 Miss Hong Kong: 17 Grace Chan Hoi Lam
First Runner Up: 15 Sisley Choi Si Bui
Second Runner Up: 6 Moon Lau Pui Yuet
Miss Photogenic: 17 Grace Chan Hoi Lam
Miss Congeniality: 13 Tammy Ou-Yang (Auyeung Hau Ying)
Travel Ambassador: 17 Grace Chan Hoi Lam


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