Wang LeeHom’s wife – wild girl gone good?

Wang Lee Hom and wife, Lee Jing Lei

Wang Lee Hom shocked the entertainment industry when he announced he was married to a doctoral student at Columbia University, Lee JingLei (李靚蕾). The couple got married in a small and intimate wedding in New york on November 27, accompanied by family and close friends. Many wanted to get a glimpse of the mysterious Mrs. Lee and how she charmed her way to the heart of one of the world’s most talented artists. The couple had long known each other since their young ages through their families. With a friendship of 12 years, the rumors of any “flash marriage” or “pregnancy rumors” have been quashed by the media. However, Lee Hom had recently warned the media about taking legal actions on any untrue rumors spread about his sexuality

and his wife’s previous lifestyle, which includes being engaged to an ex-boyfriend earlier this year before marrying Lee Hom. He said, “My representatives will seek legal recourse to handle the issue if more false rumors are reported without any verification,” Lee JingLei is from a mixed parentage of half Japanese and half Taiwanese. She is also known by her other Japanese name, Michiko Nishimura to classmates.Lee JingLei is 10 years younger than Lee Hom. Coming from a rather wealthy background, she previously went to Dominican International School in Taipei before attending Columbia University in New York. Since the public announcement of their marriage, netizens tried digging up information on the bombshell. Jinglei allegedly leads a drastically different lifestyle. On December 2, a man who claims to be Jinglei’s friend spoke to the media about his surprise upon hearing the marriage news. He alleged that Jinglei is known to attend wild parties at night, and is quite materialistic, carrying only expensive name-brand purses. Even though Jinglei had removed most of her social media content, netizens discovered old photos showing her with liquor bottles in hand and wearing heavy makeup. This latest allegation puts Leehom and Jinglei’s relationship into question. Some are skeptical about the legitimacy of their marriage while others believe that Jinglei may have cheated on her ex in order to court Leehom. Even if the claims turn out to be true, Jinglei’s previous engagement seemed rather short-lived. In April, she was already spotted accompanying Leehom to England when he was invited to give a guest lecture at the Oxford Union. Photos showed that they two were wandering the street together, though at the time, many assumed that Jinglei was Leehom’s assistant or a random staff member.

Lee Hom’s wife, Lee JingLEi and family

A decade ago, Jinglei did not hold the same elegance as seen in recent pictures. Jinglei had single eyelids in her old school portrait, sparking rumors that she may have received double eyelid surgery. When Jinglei was a young teenager, she often wore crop tops, intense makeup, and black nail polish. When Leehom uploaded photos of Jinglei, her old friends had trouble recognizing her new image. It turns out that Jinglei has been photographed beside Leehom various times over the last decade, except the public was not aware of who she was at the time.

Rainie Yang and Lee Jing Lei

When they first met, Lee Jinglei was actually a huge fan of Leehom Wang – often tailing after him like a little sister. In 2003, when Jinglei was 17 years old, the paparazzi already caught the two on what looked like a date, but to prevent rumors, Leehom openly declared that she was only a fan. The pair were spotted entering a building with a gynecological clinic and later at a skincare center. At that time, Leehom even drove her home, causing fans to wonder who she was and why she received special treatment. Leehom also openly complimented on her beauty.

Lee Jing Lei wild lifestyle

It looks like Jinglei already caught Leehom’s eyes years ago, although was subsequently romantically linked with A-mei (张惠妹), Shu Qi (舒淇), Crystal Liu (刘亦菲) and even pianist Li Yundi (李雲迪), who has subsequently announced that he too has a girlfriend. After several dating relationships, Leehom found that Jinglei suited him best. Tang Wei (湯唯), who filmed Lust, Caution <色,戒> and Cyber with Leehom, met Jinglei earlier this year. Tang Wei said, “During the filming of Cyber, I became good friends with Jinglei. When I first saw her, I told Leehom that she is the most suitable woman for him! She’s attentive, humorous, kind, smart, beautiful, attentive and does everything in his interest.”

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