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Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu getting married?

Food may be the way to a man’s heart, but a new house could be the way into one’s future parents-in-law’s good books. Popular Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan is reportedly planning to buy a new home for girlfriend Tiffany Hsu’s family, in hopes of getting her parent’s approval for her hand in marriage within a […]

Lee Hom is in a relationship!

Leehom Wang appeared on Taiwanese talk show, < SS小燕之夜> and said that he preferred women with a natural style who do not give him pressure. He did not like women who wear a lot of gold or silver jewelry. The program host, Chang Hsiao Yen, noted that Leehom appears to prefer mature women. Leehom thought […]

Jay Chou and Ariel Lin come together with “simple love”

Earlier, there were media reports about Jay Chou & the latest new ‘J-girl’ Ariel Lin heading to America to film an advertisement together. Recently, this news has been confirmed by both sides and after 9 years, Ariel Lin once again reveals her true feelings towards her idol Jay: “He is a very simple person and […]

Alien Huang, “Rainie and Show aren’t together”

No, multi-talented Taiwanese artiste Show Luo and adorable singer Rainie Yang were never together and are not attracted to each other, says Alien Huang, host of variety programme 100% Entertainment, Alien’s words do carry some weight. After all, he counts Show as his longtime mentor and Rainie is his ex-girlfriend, no less.

DaeSung, “Dating…how dare I judge by looks?”

With a friendly and cute image, Daesung seems like the kind of guy who would make his girl feel comfortable no matter what. We wonder if he has a hidden girlfriend. ”I haven’t had a girlfriend since coming into YG. The only people I meet are celebrities but none of them will approach me ㅠㅠ.”

Jolin Tsai forced by paparazzi to answer virginity question

Jay Chou is entangled in rumors non stop, and Jolin who had been rumored to have dated him also got asked whether her “first man” was him, Jolin unwaveringly says “No” , then after understanding the meaning behind this she added “this question is really stupid” On the 5th, a reporter talked about “That artist […]

Tiffany Hsu believes Ethan Ruan did not cheat on her

Ethan Ruan has always had a healthy image, but yesterday, news revealed that on the 28th of last month, he took another girl to a hotel room at Taichung for 7 hours. The news took everyone by surprise, but the one who was most in shocked was his girlfriend, Tiffany Hsu.

Raymond Lam chose Fala Chen to play on-screen lover

For several years, Raymond Lam has been one of the most loved Hong Kong male stars in Singapore. Raymond believes that Singapore fans started liking him after the Singapore-HK collaborated series <Yummy Yummy>, “besides this series, I know that Singapore audience likes to watch ancient and martial arts series, such as <The Four> or <Lethal […]

Amigo Chui: Private settlement or jail time

There are new developments to the Amigo Chui assaulting girlfriend Elizabete Kwong case! According to sources, Amigo reported back to the police station a few days ago and the decision of whether or not he’ll be prosecuted will be made. The issue has been going on for two months now, it was said that someone […]

Show Luo begs Rainie to praise his good looks

Rainie Yang who has been promoting her latest album 《雨爱》 appeared on set of HuNan TV’s 《节节高声》. Not only did she bring along tracks from her latest album, but also broke certain news when she talked about her love life. She mentioned that she recently had someone in mind, but the guy did not accept […]